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Concert Video Production - Videography, Video Editing, Live Audio

Josh GoodayJosh Gooday of Vial of Sound (band)

Kat is great to work with!
Rate 5/5

"Vial Of Sound commissioned Kataklizmic Design to shoot video of our live performance and she did a great job. My vision was to have our visuals the focus of the video and she kept that in mind the whole time. It's frustrating to work with some people because they ignore what you want, but Kat wants to make sure that if you hire her, you will be pleased with the product. Kat actually gave us a product that was better than what we were expecting. The sound quality was great because we used an external device rather that just the camera on the microphone which makes the live sound not of great quality. She also took pictures at our release show, and they were of great quality as well. I feel more than comfortable recommending Kataklizmic Design for any video and photography needs you have!"

- April 2013

Portrait Photography

Bri HandyBri Handy (Writer)

Professional and with great vision!
Rate 5/5

"Kat has a knack for pulling the best out of her photography subjects, even if they lack experience in the realm of modeling. I couldn't be happier with the shots we decided on together and the ones she picked without me. With such an eye for details and a level of professionalism you could find in any published photographer's studio, Kataklizmic Design is by far one of the most enjoyable artistic experiences of my life."

- April 2013

Website Design

Zander BuelZander Buel (Writer)

Professional, timely, and precise.
Rate: 5/5

"Katherine Vega's expertise makes her a prime candidate for anyone who needs services in the ways of art, design, or film. Her construction of my portfolio was backed by nonstop professionalism and timeliness that delivered a product in prestigious condition. Vega's methods put her among the elite of Arizona's designers. She is highly recommended!"

- April 2013

Promo Video Production

Mary CakesMary Cakes / Goth Cupcake (Photographer, Model, Artist)

Professional, Talented, Personable!
Rate: 5/5

"I have been a fan of Katherine Vega's work ever since first having my photo taken by her at an anime convention photo booth! She has a keen eye for capturing the perfect shot and is a perfectionist when it comes to detail. Her approach to projects is low stress, to-the-point, and always professional. Working with Katherine was a fantastic experience and it was a great feeling when our ideas "clicked." Quick to adapt and open to change, Katherine has amazed me with her recent work on a video for my Kickstarter campaign. Her quick turn around time and dedication to providing a quality product are a plus! I look forward to working with Katherine more in the future and recommend her highly for all of your project needs!"

- April 2013

Cira CorelliaCira Corellia (Musician, Model, Actress, and Costumer)

A truly talented professional!
Rate: 5/5

"I have had the honor of working with Katherine Vega on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed. Whether doing photos, video, or the performing arts, she fully dedicates herself with relentless enthusiasm. Her photos are in a league of their own--I rarely see such fantastic work of musicians and stage acts! I highly recommend Katherine and can't wait to work with her again."

- March 2013

Zander Buel, Writer for PhxGoth.com

"With all the work efficiency and repertoire of a super computer charged by the core of the sun comes Katherine Amy Vega, a web designer at first glance but much more upon further investigation. Katherine can be seen at every show in the dark alternative scene, capturing photographs in a natural sheen that exemplifies her prowess. An artist of many forms, she also devotes herself to illustration, digital painting, dancing, music, and videography. Her page Kataklizmic Designchronicles her impressive length of artistic pursuits that reflect the exhaustive efforts of someone devoted, meticulous, and focused to perfection."

- January 2013

Event Photography

Brandon Dooley of The Iris (band)

"Armed with an infectious enthusiasm, Katherine's natural talent, creativity, and commitment to perpetual betterment consistently place her work in a league all its own. Her photos offer an experience that is familiar, real, and undeniably vivid, while cutting the over-effected fat exemplified by many of her peers. She is a fucking gem, and one I'd recommend highly for any performance-based photographic need "

- July 2012

Website Maintenance & Photography

Fuchsia Angel http://phxgoth.com

"Katherine Amy Vega is a great web developer. There is not one project she has not been able to complete for me. Her rates are also very fair. I highly recommend Kataklizmic Design to anyone looking for great service with any web or photo project. "

- June 2012

Website Maintenance & Photography

Fuchsia Angel http://dreamincolormakeup.com

"It has been a pleasure to work with Kataklizmic Design for my web design needs. Katherine Vega is always very helpful and knowledgeable. She works fast and is easy to communicate with. I will continue to use her services for any web development or photography needs in the future. "

- June 2012

Concert Photography

Mishkin Fitzgerald of Birdeatsbaby (band)

"Kataklizmic Design's photos were a highlight of our tour, they look gorgeous up on our website and Katherine was a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend her for live photography!"

- June 2012

Portrait Photography

Song Ja Park (Model, Fashion Designer)

"Working with Kat from Kataklimic Design was such a pleasure. She is highly professional with excellent communication skills. She did a excellent job making me feel comfortable. She was constantly checking on me, making sure I was not over heating, needing a break, or If I was just at my limit. Kat worked with me shooting photos for about 2 hours in the 100 degree Arizona weather. Not once did she rush photos in one location or complain about the heat. We had many 'admirers' trying to interrupt our session. She was quick to deal with the situations and we had a good laugh after the intruders were out of sight. I have worked with many photographers and I highly recommend Kat from Kataklimic Design to beginning through well versed models. She is very passionate about her photography, which I believe clearly shows in her work.

Thank you Kat, I hope to work with you again! "

- June 2012
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